Case Studies

Study 1 - Everhot

Everhot contacted us when they noticed that their vehicles appeared to have a yellow dust settle on them. On further inspection it was found to be iron dust particles that had contaminated the paintwork. The following case study provides an example of issues that can arise from air borne contaminants landing undetected on a vehicle & how we can treat the contamination and returned the vehicles to a showroom condition. 
Part treated roof
The finished vehicle contamination free
The VW Transporter was heavily contaminated with iron dust, tar spots and general road grime. The roof and panel edges were areas were the iron dust was able to settle in larger amounts. To the touch the paint work was gritty (almost like a fine sand paper). The roof pictured to the left shows the part treated roof and how the contamination was being taken out by the fallout remover. Each part of the vehicle is treated separately and cleaned before moving on. The completed vehicle looked as good as new with the contamination removed from all the panels and from the windows. If left untreated the paint work would’ve pitted causing little spots within the paint and this is where the rust develops.
Treating the vehicle took approximately 7 hours, for more details about our services call 07779 181820 or email

Study 2 - from pink car to a 'VIBRANT RED BEAUTY'

Danny asked, ‘my red car has faded to pink. What could we do to bring it back to a good finish’?

After inspection we recommended that to return his pink car to a vibrant red, first we would thoroughly wash and dry the car and as the paint is very badly faded, we would need to use a Paint Renovator before polishing.

We would then apply Radiant wax to the car, increasing the pressure used to apply the polish over the areas that require extra attention. After buffing off the wax the car will be red again, next we seal in the new look by applying High Definition Wax, this wax will enhance the gloss of the paintwork and increase the durability of the shine.
Doors before
Doors after
Rear before
Rear after
Front before
Front after
Half the car done
Close up on the half treated door
The boot badge before
The boot badge after
Half the bonnet treated
Half the bumber treated
The finished car now VIBRANT RED
From pink to red in about 3 hours
Treating the vehicle took approximately 3 hours, for more details about our services call 07779 181820 or email .    
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